Friday, January 28, 2011


The concept of an open studio is an interesting one. The idea of course being that while you are working in your studio, anyone can walk in and watch you while you're in the midst of your process -- in this case, fencing with a canvas. Painting can be such a solitary pursuit, especially for those that seek the solitude of outdoors and the tradition of plein-air.

Being new to this, the fact that at any time, a stranger can walk into my studio and look over my shoulder as I put paint on the canvas, mix paint on the pallet, or just stare at the spot where I intend to place paint while I'm figuring out the next move in this game of chess, can be very disconcerting.

Today, a nice gentleman walked into my studio, and unlike most visitors that linger at the front of the room and tentatively tip-toe about so as to not disturb "the process," this fellow greeted me very boldy and walked right up to the easel. I was in the middle of mixing several different values for an attempt at a Bosc pear. As I placed my first value on the canvas - darkest dark, of course - he shook his head and said, "I just don't know how you guys do that...I'd be terrified...I'm just not creatively inclined."

I thought...well...I am me...but I have to finish this painting ....cause, you know, it's what I do now...and in order to finish it...I have to start the bloody take a deep breath and....after the first stroke, it gets instantly easier...and before I know it, it's fun....(not to mention, being new at this, I don't really feel like I know what the hell I'm doing half the time)...

...and this is the way I've always worked. In music, I was always fearful when starting a new composition. I just had to get that first note on the page and then it became about the fun. That's when the real creativity begins.

In truth, I could just close the door and work in privacy...but what fun would that be?

Offered: Pansies and Vase; 8x10 oil on canvas


  1. You'll get used to it William. Just wait until someone comes in and tells you what you're doing wrong...YIKES! That's a little hard to take. Been there. A woman came in one time and told me my skies would look better if I used zinc white. Well, zinc stinks, I think! And it's gooey, too. Just take all this with a grain of salt. You are on such an adventure!

  2. LOL..thanks Dawn. I did have someone walk in and ask if it was paint by numbers...DOH! Loving every moment of it.

  3. Yup, I've heard that one too. Keep track of the number of times you hear "I can't even draw a stick figure".