Thursday, January 1, 2015

Memories of warmer times....kind of....not that I'm complaining...

 "Forest Grove Meadow"
oil on panel
"Lost Road"
oil on panel

It's been cold here in the Northwest this week. Not Mid-West or Northeast cold, mind you...but chillier than normal. Not that I'm complaining. My wife and I actually like the cold, and wait for months to bundle up with a scarf, grab a nice latte (or hot chocolate), and take the dog for a walk in the woods nearby or around the city. A brisk, chilly walk up to the Rose Gardens above the city is sometimes the perfect way to shake out the cobwebs.

However......and I admit this freely.....I don't care for painting in the cold. I can't feel my hands, the paint doesn't move, and I usually wind up dropping my brush or knife at least once due to the aforementioned lack of feeling. Even though I fight through it because I love winter scenery, I prefer spring/summer painting outings and think fondly of them when I'm out in the cold trying to get my hands to work.