Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


"Poplar Trio"
9"x12" acrylic on panel

Truck back home (please see aforementioned Grand Canyon accident).....Lucas recuperating from surrendering his manhood....everybody finally healthy.....

New paintings! Yes!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Celebration of Art

acrylic on panel
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It's interesting how the universe sends you a message when you need it. Granted sometimes, you haven't a clue what that message is -- or where it's trying to send you. Witness my recent encounter with the fates at the Grand Canyon wherein my sturdy truck suddenly decided to be much less so. Still no idea what was going on there....

I was beginning to think that someone had decided to reiterate
that message yesterday as Kim and journeyed down to Scottsdale for a day of extensive art viewing that we had been trying to arrange for months. Ten miles outside of Sedona, the enigmatic and ubiquitous "VSC Trac" dashboard light came on. Keeping with the spirit of our society's dauntless march toward technological subjugation, this light can apparently indicate anything from the engine may burst into flames to a loose gas cap. Upon calling the dealer, we determined that the engine was probably not going to burst into flames, but little else. After discovering that the gas cap was indeed loose, I made a calculated decision -- on to Scottsdale. Now understand, I don't normally gamble on the word of dealer service reps coupled with educated guesses when it comes to cars, but damnit, we really had been trying to get to this thing for months -- and if we didn't go this day, it probably wasn't going to happen.

Message number one: If you really want something, the universe is probably going to make you work for it a bit more than is comfortable.

We made it to the Scottsdale Celebration of the Arts with no
further drama and immersed ourselves in one hundred artists that had traded their comfy homes and studios for a large mega tent off the 101 freeway for interested on-lookers and aspiring painters like yours truly that can pester them for three months. I know how some days can be in my own studio when people walk in and ask questions like: "Is that paint by numbers?" or "Did you get that idea from the guy with the red afro on channel eight?" I figured after two and a half months, some of these folks might be more than over it. Not the case....in the least. They were, without fail, the most generous, warm, and enthusiastic individuals I have ever encountered. (The car ordeals were forgotten.)

Message number two: Perseverance pays off....on every level.

The last couple of weeks have been a series of questions for
myself...Am I making the right choice? Should I be venturing down this new road at such a point in my life? Is Kim going to kill me if I break another car? (I was driving on this trip as well)....

Doubts removed. Thank you Shanna, Aaron, James, Kirk, Sondra....

(Also, the car issue was diagnosed by the dealer as a bad gas cap....so I'm safe for a bit longer)....