Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily Paintworks

"Lake Crescent Morning" 8x10
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"Sail Rock Study 2" 8x10
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Short and Sweet.....

Daily rocks! Simply said, it's an inspiration to be on a site with so many talented painters.....check it out.

So.....I'm still trying to catch up from the trip and getting things posted -- as well as getting back into the habit of blogging. But today, I'm going to jump ahead for a minute.

Sail Rock, in Sedona, is one of my all-time favorite rock formations. And in this town, that;s saying something. Cathedral Rock and Coffee Pot may be more well-known, but there is something about this large fin of sandstone jutting out from the surrounding Mesa and rising above the uptown area that intrigues me. The shadows change throughout the day, presenting challenges nearly every hour with the morning being especially tricky.
Needless to say, I'll be posting several studies here and on DPW until I find my way around this subject, and on to a larger canvas for a studio piece.

"Sail Rock Study 2" 8x10, oil on panel; also one from the trip...
"Lake Crescent Morning" 8x10, oil on panel

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