Friday, September 9, 2011

Benefit for Carol and David Marine

As many of you know, the terrible wildfires across Texas are ravaging not only the state, but people's lives. I've just heard that the very talented artist, Carol Marine and her family lost their home and Carol's studio to the fires while managing to escape with very few belongings.

Even though we've never met face-to-face, Carol has been a inspiration to me as I've begun this journey into painting. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and her dedication to daily painting was one of the forces that got me to actually get a brush in my hand after so many years of wistfully thinking about starting. Her husband David is the programmer behind the Daily Paintworks website which has allowed so many of us to share our work. I'm grateful to both.

In the hopes of raising some money for the fund that as been set up to help them, I've placed this painting (there might be more, as well) in an auction with a very low starting price.

The winner will receive a confirmation of the donation.

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