Monday, September 17, 2012

Everything must....

Going through some changes....maybe that's why I haven't been up to posting lately. Happy with some paintings...not so much with others. I'm hoping it will all settle down after the move to Portland....

I felt good about the work I did at the NW Plein Air event, but much less so with the few studies I've done since. The exception has been the roses....lots of work to do there still, but I like the direction so far...


  1. Hey - I was wondering what had become of you! These paintings are wonderful - roses are a challenge to paint (at least based on my limited experience), and I can see why you're pleased with them.

    A move to Portland, you say? That sounds exciting, and maybe a better environment for your landscapes?

    Are you doing PA Moab this year? If so, drop me a note - it would be good to hook up and paint together or something!

  2. You have an interesting blog and very beautiful paintings!